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Our Salon

Revolution Massage Beauty & Lashes, formerly Revolution Massage, was established by Joel in 2009.  His reputation quickly grew and our team of therapists increased, adding beauty & eyelash extensions to our extensive list of services, before expanding to open our brand new beauty salon at Bundall (central Gold Coast) in 2016.

It has been important to Joel from the beginning to provide an exceptional service at an affordable price.  His vision is symbolised in his exceptional team of massage and beauty therapists, each specialists in various areas of massage, beauty & eyelash extensions.

Our Vision

The therapists at Revolution Massage Beauty & Lashes are unique in that they love their profession and care about their clients.  We believe that everyone is beautiful, it is our aim to make you feel it.  By providing you with an exceptional service and a high standard of care, we know that you will leave our salon having recognised the importance of putting yourself and your health above everything else in your life.  Everyone needs love and care, the Revolution Massage Beauty and Lashes Team are here to provide you with the assistance you need to look good and feel amazing.