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They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Maybe that's why we spend so much time dressing them up with shadow, liners and mascara. If you're like many women, you like to make your eyes your defining facial feature, outlining them so they pop and trying out every brand of mascara that promises to lengthen and thicken your lashes. While most women stick with their trusty mascara, it isn't for everyone. Some people have allergies that make it impossible to wear mascara. Some people just don't like the hassle of putting it on every morning and removing it every night, or the smudging issue is simply too much. And some people just don't like wearing makeup, but would still like their eyelashes to look a bit more appealing. Fellow ladies (and gents) determined to be as on fleek as possible, eyebrow and lash tinting is an essential beauty service you should absolutely splurge on. Brow tinting is about to change your life. You may still have to fill in your brows slightly, even after you tint them. The developer used to tint brows only slightly dyes your skin, so any sparse patches will still be sparse patches — but at least the hair you do have will be a lot more visible. Tinting gives the eyes definition and lets you go without mascara, at least for a few weeks until eyelashes fall out and are replaced by new ones (this happens naturally whether they're tinted or not). Eyelash tinting is the perfect, low maintenance way to rock beautifully natural yet dramatic lashes. Perfect for a day at the beach, lash tinting avoids mascara smudging and running, so you can relax and feel gorgeous in the sun.

Because everyone just wants the best for their brows

Brows are now one of the most important steps in our beauty regimes, and everyone wants thick and lustrous brows to frame their face. Maybe you’re blessed genetically and already have them! Thing is, most of us need a little makeup help when it comes to creating full, thick brows – and tinting is usually the first stop. Shaping is key. Brows are such an important feature for your face. Get them right, and you will forever have a naturally youthful look that compliments your facial features. Get them wrong, and you could be adding years extra to your face – and nobody wants that! The basic rule of thumb is that the eyebrow should be not too thin or highly arched, and not too short in length. Basically, there’s no point dyeing your brows if you aren’t going to also work on their shape so the final look compliments your features. Tinting actually tints your skin as well. So when your skin naturally sheds then your tint will fade and your brow look will be thinner, so make sure you don’t over-pluck them after tinting because you’ll find a few weeks later you won’t be happy with the shape. Remember, the eyes frame the face, and the brows frame the eyes! Eyebrow shaping makes a world of difference. It's no surprise people pay big bucks to have their eyebrows shaped correctly by professional beauty therapists. The right arch and thickness can frame the face beautifully, but poorly shaped brows can detract from your appearance. It is an inexpensive way to pamper yourself and boost your confidence! How often have you looked at another woman and said “ooooh, I wish I had her brows!” Well now you can. Eyebrow waxing is the most common technique used, and involves hot or cold wax being spread on the hairs outside the shape of the brows, the being pulled quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. The more often you get it done, the less it hurts " so it pays to keep up regular treatment to get the most out of the procedure. An eyebrow wax usually lasts between 2 to 8 weeks depending on your hair growth. It is best for people with large brows or those who have never tweezed them before.

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Pro Tips For Staying On Fleek In Between Sessions

1. Put down the tweezers pre-appointment. On behalf of all brow specialists, we implore you to leave your eyebrows alone for at least two weeks (a month is even better) before you go in for an appointment. We know how hard it can be to resist plucking strays, but it'll make your shaping go a whole lot smoother. Your brow specialist can take as much hair away as they need, but even the most skilled expert can't magically add necessary brow hair back if you've gotten a little tweezer happy. 2. Avoid magnifying mirrors at all costs. Magnifying mirrors are a brow specialist’s worst enemy, since people tend to over-pluck in attempts to get every single hair that seems even slightly out of place when they use them. Think about it: If you can't see a hair in a regular mirror, anyone interacting with you on a daily basis won't see it either. 3. Obey the "No Tweeze Zone." If you have to touch up between appointments, try to only pluck in the spot between your eyebrows. Messing too much with anything at the arch or further could lead to accidentally ruining your shape. Most importantly, don't ever pluck the ends of your brows. Those hairs rub off in your sleep anyway, so you want to save as many as you can. 4. Use a mix of pencil and powder. It's all a matter of personal preference, but we recommend using a combination of brow pencil and brow powder to reach peak fleek status. Apply pencil with short strokes to fill in sparse spots, then use an angled brush to apply powder all over and make your brows look fuller. Add a touch of brow gel on top to keep them in place. 5. Make multiple appointments. Especially if you've over-tweezed in the past, you likely won't get your dream brows in just one session. We recommend coming in once a month, it's a gentle fade — you won't get visible roots or obviously dye-free splotches — so how often you go is totally up to you.