Launch of Lashista Australia!!

Celebrating the launch of Lashista Australia, Eyelash Extension and Accessories Wholesalers.

With demand growing at an incredible rate, the importance of having premier lash supplies available at all times became painfully obvious.

Sourcing supplies from all over the world was not practical as time is always of the essence for those special events, weddings, formals and parties.

And, after sampling thousands of lash manufacturers, we now have an amazing new range of volume eyelash extensions available to our clients, in 3D or 5D, C curl or D curl, in multiple lengths from 9mm to 15mm.  These lashes are .07 or .10 thickness for ultimate definition and a wide ‘fan’ for a stunning result, every time.  These lashes are also light, which reduces the risk of damage to your natural lashes.  Flexible and soft, they are incredibly comfortable and look natural.

We can’t wait to share them with our clients and lash technicians throughout Australia.

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